Our Story

The Story of Bad Luck

We have bad luck. It has been traced back to 2011 when our owner Andrew visited a Buddhist temple in Tokyo and received a bad omikuji (fortune) . Seriously, it was probably the worst fortune possible. Marriage — bad, employment — bad, health — bad. You get the idea. At first, Andrew was bummed and seriously concerned for his future. But then he noticed an inspiring saying displayed at the temple:

“Whether good or bad fortune, you should tenaciously do your best. You can carve out your own luck.”

Even though Bad Luck continues to haunt us, we decided to own it, pushing hard into our two passions, RAMEN and SAKE. We overcame huge obstacles to become the first sake makers in Virginia and now craft rich flavorful bowls of ramen. We learned these painstaking crafts for you to enjoy, (even opening a sister shop in Osaka - BAD LUCK OSAKA - COMING SOON!). We persevered through our Bad Luck so you can enjoy every drop, lucky you. Slurp for Luck!

We Make Bad @$$ Ramen

Great ramen starts with a RICH BONE BROTH that is cooked LONG & SLOW with so much flavor it COATS YOUR MOUTH. The noodles must be cooked al dente so they are FIRM NOODLES. There is delicious TOPPING VARIETY with the show stoppers being sake marinated MEATS OR TOFU and the perfectly marinated SOFT BOILED EGG. Ramen should always be SERVED HOT and SLURPED for maximum flavor. #SLURPFORLUCK

18 Hour Bone Broth

We let our bones slow simmer for hours and hours to get the richest deepest bone broth you can imagine. This painstaking work is what makes our broth so good that it should be illegal.

Passion for the Art of Ramen

We learned these painstaking crafts so you can enjoy. Attention to detail and each component makes the sum of the parts greater than the whole. Real bone broth made in house, fresh ingredients, incredible meats and tofu, with perfectly cooked noodles. We strive for every bowl to the best it can be.

Sake & Ramen - A Fortunate Match

We started brewing sake in 2018 and continue to make high quality sake on site while leaning into a natural love and passion for the art of ramen. With every slurp and a sip, sake and ramen pair together like a black cat and bad fortune. Come grab some ramen and enjoy some hand crafted drinks as well.

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